12 brain rules that will change your life

The main reason for our problems is the thinking capacity of the brain. After knowing the 12 brain rules, we can get rid of it. So, now we are going to share with you the 12 brain scientific rules. That will completely change your life.

12 brain rules
12 brain rules

It doesn’t matter if you are a student, teacher, or employer. These 12 rules will take your performance and your brain power to the next level. So let’s start with the 12 rules.

1. Brain is a survival organ

Our brain is a survival organ, which is evolved from time to time. At the same time, our thinking capacity and survival techniques have also evolved. Humans are not the biggest animal, but we have developed our brains in top position in comparison to other animals. And, this is the reason for our history and present.

Our oldest survival strategy is to co-operate with others and analyze our actions. Which helps us to survive and live. If the environment and nearby people support us, then our productivity or creativity get increased. And also, if our relationship does not match with other people, then our life goes worst. So, according to john medina 12 brain rules, the strongest brain survive, not strongest bodies.

2. Exercise boosts our brain power

The researchers studied with 2 groups to experiment the brain power. First groups people did exercise regularly, whereas 2nd groups people didn’t do any exercise or physical activities. Researchers gotten a higher cognitive score in the 1st group compared to the 2nd group.

12 brain rules medina says if we exercise regularly for 30 minutes then, we can increase our brain power. Because, when we do exercise our brain cells get blood with glucose and oxygen. Which activates more neuron and it will boost our cognitive skills.

3. Sleep well think well

A good sleep makes our thinking right and productive. Our focusing power, brain functions, logical thinking, mood, etc, is damaged from time to time due to not getting proper sleep. One experiment says that after taking a 26 minute nap during sleep, NASA’s pilots performance increased by 34%.

So, if you feel asleep, then you have to take a nap or sleep. The 12 brain rules writer Dr. Medina says that at sleeping time our brain is not taking a rest. At that time our brain processes all information and it boosts our brain power. So proper sleep or a nep sleep is most important for our brain.

4. Our stressed brain don’t learn the same way

Always thinking can damage our brain and learning ability. Our brain can handle stress only for 30 seconds, not for long. Because more stress destroys our brains blood muscles. And, it can be the reason for heart attacks.

If you face more stress in home, office, school and college continually, then this stress can affect your life to achieve your goal. 12 brain rules will help you out with collage stress. Also, it can decrease your performance and productivity. So try to solve your problem and get rid from stress.

5. Every brain is wired differently

We learned in school that every person’s brains are the same. But, it’s completely wrong. After doing many research, scientists say that every brain is wired differently. By the way, we can develop our brain, but we can’t make the same as others.

Our education system ignored the different wearing through the grade system. Where the education system calculates our intelligence through an exam, test, or percentage. These techniques are also using many companies. So, Try to make more strong your brain.

6. We don’t pay attention to boring things

We always ignored boring things. We pay attention only to that thing, where we get to find our interest, profits, or which related to our emotions and culture. It doesn’t matter who you are; our brains consciously or subconsciously focus on some questions. Like, can I make a relationship with him? Can I eat it? Have i seen it ever? What is the reason for it? etc.

According to the 12 brain rules, our brain is not for multitasking. And, for multitasking, we lost attention. So, focus on one thing.

7. Repeat to remamber

We should repeat it to remember anything. Our brain saves only important information for long time and unimportant information saves for short time.

So, if you want to remind something or if you want to become an expert in learning, then accept that as important and repeat that again and again.

8. Our senses work together

Our all senses work together. So, it’s important to stimulate them. Lets example of smell senses. Popcorn smells remind us to movie theaters and rain or flower smells remind us to special person, situation and place.

So, if you have to remember something at working time, then you can add a smell or fragrance. It will help to remember something quickly.

9. Vision Trumps all other senses

Our visible sense is high rather than other senses. Our brain reminds quickly visible information in comparison to listening or reading information. If you read a biographical book then your brain will not remember everything. But if you watch a biographical movie then everything will remamber your brain. visible sense power is notes on the 12 brain rules.

10. Music can make your brain smarter

The 12 Brain Rules writer John medinas wife is a classical music composer. After doing a study on his wife, he figured out that music improves memory power, and skills.

It also, Increase our reading ability, emotional intelligence. It shows our personality. Also, music can change our mood and it can bring happiness.

11. Male and female brains are defferent

A researcher Larry k hil, shows a horror movie to male and female for an experiment. He found that males right brain is working and females left brain is working. That means males and females think and work processes are not the same.

After doing many case studies, mental health professionals found females get depressed quicker than males. Sometimes females feel anxiety and at that time males become antisocial.

12. We are powerful and natural explorers

We have a common desire to explore new things, but we can’t do it for our busy lives. At childhood we always asked questions to our parents, but now we don’t try to learn new things.

Google gives at least 20% time to employers to explore new things. And this explanation invented Gmail and Google News. Exploring new things can improve our brain power and we should become natural explorers.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  1. Is brain rules a good book?

    Yes, the brain rules is one of the best books to make our brain more powerful and stay productive in life. Also, this book is most engaging and informative.

  2. What is the book Brain Rules about?

    The book brain rules about is how to stay more productive and motived or survive a long time at work. The author explained our brain rules with 12 principles.

  3. What is the rule of our brain?

    According to john medina our brain works with 12 rules. And, these are-
    EXERCISE: Exercise boosts brain power.
    SURVIVAL: The human brain evolved, too.
    WIRING: Every brain is wired differently.
    ATTENTION: We don’t pay attention to boring things.
    MEMORY: Repeat to remember.
    SLEEP: Sleep well, think well.
    STRESS: our stressed brains don’t learn the same way.
    SENSORY INTEGRATION: Stimulate more of the senses.
    VISION: Vision trumps all other senses.
    MUSIC: Study or listen to boost cognition.
    GENDER: Male and female brains are different.
    EXPLORATION: We are powerful and natural explorers.

  4. Who wrote brain Rules?

    The brain rules were written by developmental molecular biologist John Medina.

  5. Is eating one of the 12 brain rules?

    No. Eating is not a brain rule, and the author John Medina, didn’t mention it.

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