Deck the halls for Christmas time!

With each unique snowflake touching the ground, the most magical season of the year filled with happiness, joy and tranquility approaches faster – Christmas! Please accept the warmest wishes from the whole ModulesGarden team, followed by words of deep appreciation for your absolute trust in our services and helping us grow with each day. We … Read more

Magnificent Journey – 2022 summarized!

The festivities of both Christmas and the New Year’s Eve, which we have just returned from celebrating, were quite a peaceful time of reflection upon all the grand achievements and releases we pulled of in 2022. Having sat down for a fabulous team get-together, we took a trip down memory lane and shared the delight … Read more

What’s New in Plesk Obsidian 2022

Monitoring There are two possible ways to monitor your websites: local monitoring (on the same server as the website) or external monitoring located outside of the server. The local monitoring usually is included in the web hosting price, but external costs additional money. If a server where a website is hosted has an issue, the … Read more

How to Debug WordPress Right

Any WordPress user knows that website problems are, sadly, unavoidable from time to time. Even the best coding is never perfect, after all. So, eventually, you may need to face the complexities of debugging in WordPress. But don’t worry: it’s actually a fairly simple, fast process. You can use various methods for debugging WordPress, with … Read more

How to Improve the Performance of NGINX?

NGINX is an open-source, free web server used for a wide range of topics including mail proxy, reverse proxy, load balancer and HTTP caching. Solution provides a high standard of performance with low weight, and while it is still fairly new compared to some of the alternative web servers on the market, NGINX is incredibly … Read more