Plugin Review: Autoptimize For WordPress

If you attended our live site speed presentation on YouTube, then you’ve probably heard of the Autoptimize plugin. It’s earned over 1 million active installs. And for good reason–it can help speed up your website significantly. But there are some things to be aware of before using it. In this post, I’ll explain what Autoptimize … Read more

Why Should You Build a Website in 2023?

Why is it important to have a website in 2023? There are many reasons to have a website for your business or cause. We will list several factors, but the main reason overall is to give you the opportunity to control your own story.  A website provides an online presence to control your narrative and … Read more

2023 WordPress Trends Predicted by Influencers

The theme for the 2022 State of the Word Keynote focused on the Four Freedoms of Open Source. Speaker and Co-founder of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg, focused on the CMS’ growth through its nearly two decades of existence in an ever-changing technical landscape As the CMS continues to change with time, we connected to some of … Read more

Tips For Building a Website With ChatGPT

The whole world has been talking about ChatGPT. You can’t visit YouTube or social media without seeing someone talking about what they asked the AI chatbot today. So here at InMotion Hosting, we’ve been putting this handy little bot through its paces, and the results have been interesting. We asked, “Can you use ChatGPT to … Read more

Best Two-Factor Authentication Plugins for WordPress

Two-factor authentication (2FA)  is a security solution that can be used for protecting your website log-in.  It works by requiring a code to be entered after the initial entry of login credentials. This helps prevent weak or exploited passwords from being used to gain access. WordPress has many plugins that can provide 2FA.  This article … Read more